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Do you or a family member have the MAPK8IP3 variant?

  1. Fill out our survey to be added to our MAPK8IP3 Family Group. Group communications are sent out via email ( and posted on our family Facebook group. Filling out our survey will also allow you access to prior research updates Zoom calls from the research team and future scheduled updates.
  2. Contact us on our family support email ( if you want to be added to our newly forming Support Circles. Groups can be based on age or topic and meet over Zoom to help families/individuals connect and share resources.
  3. Join our Family Facebook Group. Note this group is reserved only for caregivers or individuals with MAPK8IP3 and screening questions are asked prior to admittance.

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Donate to the cause or consider hosting a fundraiser. Need ideas? The National Organization for Rare Disorders has a fundraising guide here with many different ideas on options to raise funds.

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